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Well well well, are any of us surprised that Romney destroyed Santorum in Wisconsin, Maryland and the District of Columbia? No. What happened was simple: Moderate candidates generally win long term campaigns. That’s not to say the Santorum camp should give up, however I would suggest to start ironing that white flag. The true dagger is April 24th, which includes Santorum’s home state of Pennsylvania. The Romney camp insist that they have no intention of beating Santorum in the Keystone State, however polls have suggested that the race is a lot closer between the two. Naturally, Santorum is going to virtually need a hail mary, no pun intended, on April 24th. 

*Note: Once the Republican Primary’s are over, this blog will evolve into a moderate/liberal leaning entity unless the Dems do something funny then I will be more then willing to make fun of that. I will also be covering the following

  • 2012 Presidential Race 
  • 2012 New Mexico Senate Race (My adopted home state)
  • 2012 New Mexico District 1 Congressional Race  
  • 2012 California Senate Race (My home state)
  • 2012 California District 10 Congressional Race 
  • 2012 Washington Senate Race (current residence)
  • 2012 Washington Gubernatorial Race 


Santorum’s 6 point lead over Romney in the Keystone State:

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Once again, Santorum won another southern state, this time Louisiana however Romney still leads in delegates 563 to 271.

Just to clarify, when I say southern states I mean state’s which were part of the confederate (Dixie) south: Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

*Green States*

With no true surprise thus far, the current split among the varying conservativeness of the south reflects in whom they have voted for: Romney won Florida and Virginia (*only because Gingrich and Santorum didn’t make the ballot) while Gingrich won his home state of Georgia and South Carolina. Santorum, the most narrow minded of the group, has won Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee by wider margins. Thankfully for Romney the next major delegate day [April 24] will consist of Northern States (i.e. Romney is from the Northeast) including New York. It will be interesting to see if Santorum can pull an upset just to make things a tad more interesting. My concerns for the Santorum camp are the resources available to them now, how do they effectively brand themselves against an individual who has years of name recognition, especially in the Northeast? How strongly do they play the moral/rhetoric card with moderate Republicans? Do they go traditional or grassroots against Romney? 

Up next is Wisconsin (April 3-42 Delegates) and Missouri (April 21-52 Delegates).

*Do note: I have purposely given up mentioning Ron Paul since A) he has yet won a state and B) is trailing even third place Gingrich. Until he does something newsworthy such as, oh I don’t know, DROP OUT of the race, I’ll mention his name. 

Permalink 1)Romney 563.
2)Santorum 263.
3)Gingrich 135.


Once again, my alma mater (New Mexico) advanced in the NCAA Basketball tourney so my attention has been on that. Here’s a quick update as to how the Republican presidential nomination standings are as of today: 

Personally, the nail in the coffin to this race will be April 24. New York (95), Penn (72), Conn (28), Rhode Island (19) and Delaware (17) all will be up for grabs. The shocker as of now is why Ron Paul hasn’t dropped out of the race? Frankly, not having won a single state outright, let alone trailing by nearly a hundred delegates to distant third place Gingrich, Ron Paul is either not aware of the situation or believes that a miracle will happen. I want to say its the latter of the two. 

Hope you all have a fabulous St Patty’s! 

GO LOBOS!!!!!! ^_^ 

(Source: The Wall Street Journal)



Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay as of late. My alma mater (University of New Mexico) won both the Mountain West regular and tournament in basketball so I’ve been putting most of my attention on that. In any case, we all are fully aware about Super Tuesday as Romney did get some extra cushion, so to speak, against Santorum. What made it especially bitter for the Santorum camp is Mitt’s victory in Ohio. My concern for the Santorum camp is what now? Ohio is where they poured much of their resources and efforts and still lost. Where is there next option? However, the Romney camp has some concern for they have failed to win any southern states. 

As things stand now:

1. Romney (454 delegates)

2. Santorum (217 delegates)

3. Gingrich (107 delegates)

4. Paul (47 delegates)

Currently, two states and three territories are at the polls. Kansas went to Santorum while Wyoming went to Romney. Neither truly was a shocker. 

*Random funny but only 7 people in the state of Wyoming voted for Gingrich. Granted Wyoming is the least populated state however that is truly pathetic.*



Make that five straight victories for Romney! His victory in Washington (State) before Super Tuesday may have him at an advantage, not to forget momentum going in. To round up the top three, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum finished second and third respectively. While polls have suggested that Santorum/Romney were going to be close here in the Pacific Northwest, those actually living in Seattle saw things differently. It was very apparent that Romney and Paul had very active camps out here while Santorum’s group seemed to be invisible. Any basic Political Science class explains the importance of money and ground organization during a political campaign (amongst other things naturally). 

Obvious point: 50,764 people came out to vote in the Evergreen State. Compared to 2008, this was a massive increase by 38,444. In that caucus, the race was between McCain, Huckabee, and Paul. While there vote will help dictate whom will win the Republican presidential nomination, Washington will go Blue (Democratic) this coming November. 

[Orange=Romney, Yellow=Paul, Green=Santorum]

Up Next: SUPER TUESDAY!!!!!! [Yes, I’m beyond thrilled for it. My inner geek is coming out]